Veterinary Clinic of Cyclades

Syros Vets – Veterinary Clinic of Cyclades

The Veterinarian Clinic of the Cyclades on the island of Syros

The Veterinarian Clinic of the Cyclades is a small animal clinic founded in June 2012. It is essentially an extension of the private practice of George Maragkos that operated in Ermoupolis from 2002 to 2012. The clinic was created out of the need to provide our customers with the best possible quality. It is situated in Aerodromio street and occupies an area of 350 mm2. The additional spaces consist of an enclosed training area and a parking space. The personnel comprises two vets, three nurses, two secretaries and a cleaner.

What differentiates the clinic from a private practice is that it meets the legal requirements to hospitalize sick animals. In our clinic there are separate nursing facilities for dogs and cats, two surgery rooms so that septic and non septic cases are treated accordingly, as well as modern imaging equipments and a lab. We constantly invest on the continuous education and training of our vets while ensuring that our clients are informed on issues regarding prevention and treatment of pathological conditions through e-mails and seminars.

Being well aware of the needs of pets in today’s world, we believe it’s our duty to inform the owners on how to care for them properly. We consider our Clinic to be elegant and client friendly and we are at your disposal to discuss anything regarding your pet. Our vets can inform you on medical issues while other members of the staff deal with nutritional, grooming and training issues always focusing on your pets health.